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What to Expect From Your Trucking Dispatching Company

When you’re running a trucking business, doing everything on your own can be overwhelming. Using a trucking dispatching service with headquarters in Seattle and operations in the lower 48 states Inchy Finch Dispatch Services helps you focus on other aspects of the business since the dispatcher is in charge of matching load with available drivers. At the same time, dispatchers are the point of contact for your driver for all issues — from delays due to truck breakdowns and traffic congestion to other concerns on the road.


We Get Your Trucks Moving

Operating a successful trucking business requires effort from your end and your drivers. With too many hats to wear, drivers could find it challenging to book their load while managing the paperwork on the road. Dispatchers can take this burden off your drivers to reduce their workload while helping you fetch higher ROI.


We Assist With Road Service

Trucking companies have to get the load to the destination as quickly as possible. Your truck driver needs to relay their location to dispatch, especially if there are delays like traffic congestion or the truck breaking down. When the truck breaks down, dispatch can connect you with road service or find a semi-truck repair place to get the vehicle moving as soon as possible.


We Help You Plan the Route

As a company founded by a truck driver who has been driving through different roads for the past two decades, Inchy Finch Dispatch Services knows the focus should be on the road. Backed by this experience, we can help you plan routes with the least amount of tolls and assist truck drivers with navigation.


We Locate the Nearest Rest Stops

Life on the road can be tough for drivers. At some point, your truck driver needs to find a truck stop with showers or a rest stop. When it’s not convenient for drivers to search for truck stops near me, they can connect with dispatch to help you find a stop close to their location.

A trucking dispatcher who understands the documents your drivers need, the road conditions, tracking deliveries, and the importance of communicating with drivers and addressing their needs, could be an invaluable asset to your truck service operations. Work with Inchy Finch Dispatch Services, a dispatch service based in Seattle, to get your trucking business to the next level.