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What Is the Difference Between a Freight Broker and a Dispatcher?

When it comes to managing your freight fleet and other transportation services, it’s important to understand a few of the key differences within this industry. If you’re looking to increase your client base of companies and businesses, trusting you to manage the transportation of their goods, Inchy Finch Dispatch Service can provide much-needed assistance; let us help you with your dispatching, route-planning, and growing your fleet! In today’s blog post, we’ll be going over a few important concepts within the freight industry, namely the difference between freight brokers dispatchers, and discussing the useful services our organization can provide!


Freight Brokers Work With Shippers & Drivers

Within our industry, it’s common to hear the phrase “freight broker.” This describes an individual, or a company, that works directly with both shippers and drivers (carriers), without actually representing either one. Rather, their job is to connect one party to another, matching them up so the job gets done well and that everyone benefits from good business relationships. The position of freight broker is designed to charge the shipping company and then pay the drivers after the goods are transported.


Dispatchers Represent the Drivers

Dispatchers, or truck dispatchers, act as representatives for drivers (carriers) when negotiating freight, acting as the go-to person from a specific trucking company. This individual works on behalf of an organization’s best interests and works to find loads and jobs for that specific organization's drivers; this makes them slightly similar to freight brokers, but without being an entirely different “go-between” agency.


Key Differences Between Freight Brokers and Dispatchers

The key differences between both of these job descriptions lies in who they are benefitting and whose interests they are serving the most. Freight brokers, while designed to match service providers to service recipients, may take a significant cut of the money earned in a specific job; it’s also possible for them to not fully understand your company’s needs or your company’s drivers. On the other hand, dispatchers work exceptionally closely with the companies they represent and have their best interests at heart; their job is to find transportation jobs that will pay well.


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