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How Do Freight Dispatchers Get Paid?

Inchy Finch Dispatch Services provides superior dispatching services across the United States. In today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing what freight dispatchers do and how they get paid. Contact us to get started with our dispatching services!


What Are Freight Dispatchers?

Freight dispatchers are the people who manage and schedule freight shipments. This includes arranging for the transportation of goods, tracking shipments, and ensuring that cargo arrives at its destination on time. They must be able to effectively communicate with truck drivers, shippers and vendors.


How Freight Dispatchers Get Paid

Independent freight dispatchers are typically paid a salary, but they also may get paid a percentage per load or on a flat fee basis. Other freight dispatchers can be paid 5%-10% per load, which can be adjustable depending on the amount of work.


How Much Do Freight Dispatchers Make?

The amount a freight dispatcher will make in a year in the U.S. will vary. Salaries can range from $25,000-$95,000 and may even go above or below that range based on skill level, years of experience, and other factors such as commission and bonus opportunities.


Pay Will Vary

Overall, the way freight dispatchers will get paid, including the amount, will vary. This will depend on the company they’re working for, if there’s commission, and if there are opportunities to earn bonuses. The pay for an independent freight dispatcher will also vary depending on the number of customers and how much work is involved in their arrangement.

For a freight dispatcher, how they get paid will depend on the company and their workload. Inchy Finch Dispatch Services provides excellent dispatching services that your company will greatly benefit from. Get started with a quote today and contact our team to learn more about our services!