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Do Freight Brokers Make More Than Dispatchers?

Freight brokers and dispatchers both play an important part in the shipping process. While they each have different responsibilities, their roles are both essential to getting goods from point A to B quickly and efficiently. In this blog post, Inchy Finch Dispatch Services will examine who makes more money in the shipping industry.


Freight Brokers vs. Dispatchers

Freight brokers are responsible for working a middle man between shippers and carriers to negotiate rates. They work with a variety of transportation companies to find the best option for their clients. Dispatchers are responsible for ensuring that goods are picked up and delivered on time. They work with carriers and customers to create delivery schedules and make sure that everything runs smoothly.


How Freight Brokers Make Money

A freight brokers' commission is determined by the difference between what they will charge the shipper, which can be a high rate, and what they offer the carrier, which is usually a rate that will allow them to make a profit.


How Dispatchers Make Money

Dispatchers will usually get paid by a percentage or a flat fee per load. The percentage is usually between 5-10%, and may vary by each owner-operator.


Who Makes More Money?

While they both contribute significantly to business processes like this one, freight brokers typically make more money than dispatchers do because of the commission they earn by negotiating high rates with their shippers.

Even though freight brokers typically make more money than dispatchers, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to salaries in the shipping industry. If you're interested in superior dispatching services, turn to Inchy Finch Dispatch Services.